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A little about me….I am a Clinician and was an AQHA Board Member for over 12 years, during which time I held the position of Vice-President, Youth Convenor, International Director, Show & Performance Convenor and Judging Convenor.   I have judged in every state of Australia as well as New Caledonia, New Zealand and Canada.   

As a Professional Horse Trainer in partnership with my husband at the time, Paul Farrell, we ran a successful training stable, between us covering, Cutting, Working Cow horse and Reining, Western Pleasure, Hunter under Saddle, Trail & Halter.  Many years of hard work came to fruition with numerous State and National Titles.


After a fifteen-year break as a pro trainer, I decided to go back to full time horse training, lessons & clinic as it is my first love and something I felt comfortable doing.  However, before I set myself up once more and hung out my shingle, I felt I needed to get myself up to date with not only training techniques, but insurance, horse safety protocols, First Aid and other factors our modern society demands of small businesses these days.  

I enrolled in the Horse Safety Australia Course held at Mill Valley Ranch in Victoria and was really impressed with the organisation and content of the course.  At the same time, I organised my own Insurance Policy with Affinity Insurance which now covers me for any claims on or off my own property again enabling me to confidently conduct Clinics throughout Australia. I am now a Certified Instructor with the Horse Safety Council of Australia.   I also applied for and obtained my AQHA Professional Horsemen recognition which sets a standard for all trainers accepted into this AQHA division.

My life has been very fortunate, filled with memories of wonderful horses, horse people, fascinating places and great stories!!  If it wasn’t for horses, I’m not sure where I would be.  Like many of you reading this, horses are such therapy – their smell, their soft muzzle, their soft eyes and soft breath.  Even their poo smells good!

My interest in Ranch Riding came when I was browsing YOUTUBE and RANCH RIDING popped up.  All I could see was a wonderful picture of horse and rider totally in-sync with each other, moving forward, horses’ ears pricked, rider smiling and riding a lovely pattern showing off their smooth transitions to the Judge. I was hooked immediately!

My mission now is to get as many people as I can interested in Ranch Riding. There is no need to own a specific breed (unless it’s a breed show obviously), just good clean work gear for horse and rider, no fancy shirts/jackets, no difficult training techniques, no special surfaces needed and best of all, you can train your own horse to do this event.  

I intend to give you the knowledge, confidence and showmanship to get you into the showring with a horse that is your partner in every sense of the word.  Making a happy horse and a happy rider is my goal.  

Some of the great horses in my journey

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